Where Children are cherished

Mission Statement

Individual dietary and cultural requirements will be catered for wherever possible and will be discussed and reviewed with parents regularly.

A light breakfast of cereals and toast will be served between 7.30am and 8.45am where children will be encouraged to serve themselves with as much support as they need.

Children will stop for a community snack time mid-way through each morning and afternoon session, encouraging children to  listen and chat to each other and develop social skills. Snack will consist of healthy food including fruit, toast, crackers and cheese. Babies will follow their home routines wherever possible.

Older children will be encouraged to be involved in preparing and serving snack in their room which will support independence and self-help skills along with a sense of belonging.

We stop for a tasty and nutritious home cooked lunch at 11.45am, which will consist of a main dish, a side dish of vegetables, a dessert and a drink, all cooked in our own nursery kitchen by our chef.  Nursery lunches will follow a nutritionally balanced rolling menu, which will be reviewed and updated regularly by our Chef who understands the nutritional needs of young children.

Tea is provided in the late afternoon (about 4.00pm) consisting of soup, beans on toast, sandwiches or similar healthy option, with fresh fruit and something sweet.

We follow the “Eatwell plate” balanced diet recommendations from the Food Standards Agency, which can be found on http://www.food.gov.uk/ . We also follow the nutritional guidelines “Eating well for under 5s in childcare” commissioned by the Caroline Walker Trust to support nurseries in providing healthy, balanced diets for young children. This can be found at http://www.cwt.org.uk/ .